Close encounter with humpback whales

Our days have been dominated by sunshine and calm seas allowing for some wonderful hikes, some sledding and close encounters with humpback whales.  We’ve seen sei whales, right whales, orcas and a number of humpback whales en route to the Peninsula.  Much of the marine animals return to the Peninsula this time of year to feed on krill (small shrimp) which feed on phytoplankton blooms that occur with abundant spring sunshine.



  1. Ellie & Cady

    Love getting these pics!
    – How cold is it there?–doesn’t look as cold as CO!
    – were you scared seeing the whale that close to your zodiac?
    – are the penguins afraid of you?

    • aldomcwethy

      Hi Ellie and Cady,

      Thanks for writing. It’s been pretty warm here, about 40 degrees F. One of the students even walked in the snow with sandals and shorts. I wasn’y scared seeing the whale because he seemed friendly and gentle with the boat. Most of the penguins are not afraid of us. Miss you guys,

      Merry Christmas!


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